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320 routes to become a taxi driver in London

320 routes to become a taxi driver in LondonDo you know how taxis operate in other European countries? Now that Europe’s taxi seems closer every day, partly due to global threats that have made unity never seen before, we shall review how to become a cab driver in other countries of the European Union.

Seven tests to become a taxi driver in London

To become a taxi driver in London, for instance, a person needs to invest at least two years. It is what Transport for London says. They have developed an extensive test to become a professional. One must pass seven different tests to get a taxi driver permit. To pass the tests, the driver must prove that he can carry passengers to their destination via the shortest route.

Depending on what type of license the driver wants to get, a prospective driver must pass the “knowledge test”. There are two different types of license in London, those who want to work in London proper and those who want to work in the suburbs. London cab drivers must learn 320 routes, 25,000 streets and 20,000 reference landmarks, while suburban drivers can choose among nine different suburban sectors. Cabby is possibly the most difficult test in the world read full story at

Once you have chosen your work area, drivers must learn anywhere between 30 and 51 routes, with their streets, monuments and landmarks of interest. Is a simpler test, but cab drivers can only work in the area for which they have a license. They are not able to move to another area even if there is more work there.