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London’s taxi drivers react to competition

taxi-londresThe exponential growth experienced by different taxi’s external applications in the capital of the UK has made taxi drivers react, and have decided to adopt new policies to improve their service.

Companies such as Uber have had a great reception on the streets of London, and because of it, the Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) has decided to change their strategy and postpone complaints to focus on a new strategy.

On Monday, the group launched a new action plan, led by the London Cab Company (London Taxi Co.), which in turn is responsible for making the city’s iconic black cabs. They are supported by the main taxi driver’s association. Taxicabs will be equipped with high-speed WiFi, no-contact card readers, and the all new taxis manufactured will be zero-emission by 2018.

“What we are asking from the Mayor of London is that our offer will be based on faster, more intelligent and more ecologically-minded cars”, said Steve McNamara, secretary general of LTDA to Management Today.