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Uber troubles are not just located in Chile or Latin America, but also worldwide

Uber troubles are not just located in Chile or Latin AmericaIn London, aside from Uber, there is Gett, an app that allows people to connect with car drivers who can provide them with that service.

However, unlike Uber, Gett has just obtained the license to operate with London’s classic black cab drivers.

Before this new acquisition, about 10,000 taxi drivers had already downloaded the Gett app. According to the app’s owners, this agreement will make their numbers grow to 11,500, which is almost half of all classic taxi cars’ drivers.

Thus, Gett numbers continue to grow in London, though they are still half of Uber’s size, with roughly 25,000 drivers in the UK’s capital.

Gett might be able to purchase the three brands of the black radio-taxis through this offer. According to a spokesman from the app, the purchase is subject to shareholder approval and it would have an approximate value of “several million pounds”.

Unlike the dispute going on in Chile between taxi drivers and Uber drivers, Remo Gerber, General Director of Gett in Europe has already said that he believes that his vehicles, Uber’s and other cab companies can co-exist in London. “I do not believe in killing others, I believe in competition. It’s a large market and the winner doesn’t take it all”, he said.

“I don’t think being a worldwide company gives us an edge against the competition. Uber, obviously is the leader in America. But we are very focused on the market of black cabs, a multi-million business that only operates in London”.

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